Council Tax -The SNP's Broken Promises

What the SNP promised on Council Tax

SNP 2007 Scottish Parliament Manifesto:
“Local taxes can be fairer. The SNP will scrap the Council Tax and introduce a fairer system based on ability to pay. Families and individuals on low and middle incomes will on average be between £260 and £350 a year better off. Nine out of ten pensioners will pay less local tax.”

SNP 2011 Scottish Parliament Manifesto:

“Over the period of the next Parliament we will consult with others to produce a fairer system based on ability to pay to replace the Council Tax and we will put this to the people at the next election, by which time Scotland will have more powers over income tax.”

What Nicola Sturgeon used to say about Council Tax:

“Labour's hated Council Tax is totally unfair, and any tinkering with bands would not make the system any fairer…” Nicola Sturgeon 10th April 2007.

“It's time to scrap the Council Tax." Nicola Sturgeon, 11th April 2007.

“The fact of the matter is that Council Tax is unfair and cannot be improved by tinkering around the edges.” Nicola Sturgeon, 2nd October, 2010.

“Compared to what the SNP are pledging, Labour's tinkering is not good enough. It is too little and too late and will not make the unfair Council Tax any fairer for hard-working families.” - Nicola Sturgeon, 8th April, 2007.

“We'll get rid, once and for all, of the unfair council tax.” Nicola Sturgeon, 24th August, 2009.

“Labour and the Tories are stuck in the past. They cling to the discredited Council Tax.” Nicola Sturgeon, 14th October, 2006.

What John Swinney used to say about Council Tax:

“The council tax is unfair, regressive and penalises people on low incomes.” John Swinney, 11th March, 2008.

“Everyone knows the current Council Tax system is unfair and punitive.” John Swinney, 14th March, 2007.

“The council tax has to go.” John Swinney, 24th November 2008.

“the discredited council tax” John Swinney, 6th May 2008.

Scottish Labour would abolish the Council Tax

Scottish Labour’s manifesto for the 2016 Scottish Parliament elections committed to abolish the discredited, unfair Council Tax once and for all.

We support the introduction of a fairer system - based on the value of a property - so that nearly 2 million households (80% of the total) will be better off.

Our proposals would broaden the tax base and empower local government by devolving new tax raising powers including a tourist tax, land value tax and surplus from the Crown Estate.

Scottish Labour’s calculations

Labour's calculations are based on the modelled evidence, provided to the Commission on Local Tax Reform which the SNP set up and all four parties are relying on.

What our calculations show is that nearly 2 million households could be better off under this fairer system.
Scottish Labour’s system will reflect our changed housing market. It will realign the taxation paid towards local services with house prices, give a tax cut to millions, and will ensure that the richest pay their fair share for local services.

More powers for local government: Tourism Tax

We would legislate to give local authorities the power to charge a Tourist Tax. This is devolution of power to local authorities, allowing them to raise revenue from untapped streams.

This power allows local authorities to ensure that everyone who uses local services, facilities and infrastructure, can make their contribution to keep maintain facilities.

A Tourism Tax could broaden the tax base for local government and was supported by the Commission as a means to devolve revenue raising powers to local council chambers as part of a package of local taxation reform.


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